Best And Trusted Websites For investment In Mutual Funds And SIPs

There are many brokers and websites in the market now for investment in mutual funds and SIPs but to choose one of them that will have the best customer support, a user-friendly website interface, a mobile application and the most importantly trustworthy, we have used them and based on our experience we have listed some of the platform details in this article that can help you to choose the right one

  1. GROWW| Easy, Fast And transparent

With Over 6 Lakh customers, 100+ Team members and a customer rating of 4.6 they are one of the most trusted company to use for your mutual fund investment, they are backed by 6 large industries like SEQUOIA and you can also use there a mobile application that will make it easier to use

2. Paytm Money| Simple, Transparent And Accessible

They are bringing a fully digital investing experience for you, They offer only direct plans in mutual fund schemes that come with no hidden commissions, Paytm Money Limited is a SEBI registered Mutual fund investment resource that offers investment execution & advisory services. Their simplified user experience allows you to start your investment journey with zero paperwork, seamless digital KYC using your Aadhar Card, automated payments, updated portfolio, and powerful insights to make well-informed investment decisions

3. ET Money

They believe that the financial journey of retail consumers is the most important thing these days. Finding the best financial products to Buy and Managing them, the whole cycle is too complex, & scary for lay-man consumers. they are committing to fix this tough journey with technology, data, and design. They are building a new stack of personal finance solution grounds up for the smarter generation, keeping mobile user-friendly interface at the center of it.

4. FundsIndia

They are an online company based in Chennai and Bangalore. They have customers in over 2,000 cities, have invested over ₹6,500+ crores on their platform in Mutual Funds, Stocks, and many other investment products, they are backed by over 20 top companies like adobe and Facebook they have a user-friendly website and a mobile application as well which make it easy for there customers to use and invest with their platform

5. Coin By Zerodha

Zerodha Coin is one of India’s largest direct mutual fund platform that lets you buy mutual funds online with no commission, directly from asset management companies. You can carry your all mutual funds, stocks, currencies, and bonds all in your Demat account, they are launched in 2017 and over very few years they have got a large customer base because of there customer service and easy to use interface and most importantly they are operating with one of the largest brokerage company the Zerodha.

Based on our research, experience, and analysis we have chosen these 5 AI companies to recommend, you can choose any of them, all have them have their own specialty and user experience, Best of luck for your start in mutual funds investments.