Higher Interest Rates And Very Low Risk, The Hidden Investment Options

Investment is a very important thing these days because inflation rate is going higher every quarter so it’s become very important that money stay invested somewhere so its value does not decrease because the of inflation, but when we think where to invest the only option come in our mind is bank fixed deposits but there interest rates coming down day by day so the other option that we know is stocks but that have a very high-risk factor, so it’s become very challenging for us to choose where to invest but don’t worry there are many other investment options available in market that has higher returns and very low risks, well in this article I will try to give you all the options that you can invest in

NBFCs Fixed Deposits: when we think to do fixed deposits we go to our bank deposit the funds and apply for deposit irrespective of the interest rate they are providing but do you know fixed deposits are not only offered by banks? NBFCs also offer the Fixed deposit ( Non-Banking Financial Companies) they provide the interest rates of up to 9% you can search online about top NBFCs Companies and make sure the company you choose has a credit rating of AAA you can search online about how much credit rating that company have the most top-rated companies even offer doorstep service or you can simply create a fixed deposit online and get your papers delivered on your email there are government NDFCs as well there credit rating is AAA and of course it’s trusted because it’s government-owned their interest rates are also good

Dividend Mutual Funds: when we think of doing a mutual fund we get in touch with agent because we dont have much knowledge about it, but they always recommend you to invest in a fund that gives them highest commision and its obvious that fund house will give commision to agent from the amount you invested and that will bring down your interest rate, they will always offer you the Growth fund, but you should not be known about Dividend fund that was provided in ELSS funds they have a lockin period of 3 years every year the fund house will give you a dividend ranging from 6% to 9% that depend on the market condition at the time of dividend announcement so if even that fund does not get much growth in 3 years you would have already got interest amount that is higher from bank rates but most the fund also get some growth so after 3 Years your YOY interest would range from 10% to 14% on 90% cases, a mutual fund agent would never recommend you a dividend fund, and it also comes under Section 80C so you will also get tax exemption for the amount you invested.

PPF: everyone skip this after getting to know that PPF have a lockin period of 15 Years but think ones if you are a person ageing from 20 Years to 30 Years and doing job and getting a salary worth Rs 30000 then it will be not a big task to invest 5000 Rs every month in PPF and if started doing it at an age of 25 Years then from 40 Years age you would start getting around 11000 Rs every month is that not a good amount at an age of 40 Years and you will keep getting it till the age of 55 Years, I think for a person getting an salary of 30000 Rs the amount of 11000 is very good. You can also invest a higher amount if your salary is more its entirely up to you and it also comes under Section 80C so the amount you invest every month in PPF will get exempted from any taxes.

Disclaimer: All the investment options I explained in this article are tried and tested by me, and I get impressed by them, so I was recommending to you, the profit and loss you get from these options are solely your responsibility as in the end the choice is yours