Looking To Buy A New Smartphone? Will Help You To Get The Best Model

Looking to buy a new smartphone but it is very complicated to choose the right brand and model which will keep the value for money, when you go to a shop they usually show you models that have the highest profit margin for them and its obvious that those smartphones will not justify the amount you paid and when you try to search online on shopping sites you get confused after reading the specs because you don’t know the meaning of those features and usage of it so in this article we will try to explain you everything that you should check in your mobile specifications, so you don’t have to think much next time before buying

Battery: this is most important thing if you mostly stay outdoors because getting out of battery many times create many complications so when you are checking specs of that smartphone make sure it has a minimum battery capacity of 4000 MAH, these days smartphone battery capacity is getting improved every day so make sure you get the highest available capacity in your price range if you are looking for under 20K Model then I will recommend it should have a minimum of 4000 MAH capacity

Camera: Well this will be the most important thing for most of the people reading this I want to let you know that megapixel of camera in smartphone does not matter much for quality of pics from that smartphone because there are many other things such as aperture and lens brand, so when you are buying keep another thing in mind that iPhone 5S had a camera of 5 Megapixel, but still it capture better pics then many of the current smartphones, if you are looking for best camera phone I will recommend checking camera reviews on top Tech review websites you will get some knowledge about camera quality on that smartphone and these days 90% of the smartphones keep great camera with them so it will not be a big confusion

Display: This will be ignored by most the people but trust me this is the 80% reason behind your smartphone using experience getting an impressive display is an essential thing because if your phone does not have a good display it will get dull by the time so I will recommend you to go for at least an AMOLED display that will enhance your experience of video watching on your smartphone and also will keep it bright for 2-3 Years

Processor: if your phone does not have a good processor then opening of apps will take time and will start lagging after few days which will be very annoying, and that will also affect the life of your smartphone so getting an good processor is an important thing, most of the Samsung phones have their own processor which is ‘Exynos’ well that processor is great and if you are getting any Qualcomm processor on any budget or midrange category smartphone then go for it their processors are best in the market, I will recommend you to avoid MediaTek processors because it was not so good, but yes currently there Helio processors are great, but those are not offered on any midrange smartphones so Qualcomm or Exynos will be my first choice

Brand: When you go to buy a new smartphone you will see there are plenty of brands offerings plenty of options, there are some cheap brands who market there name as those are Indian brand, but those brands are only registered in India they import cheap quality smartphones from china and print there branding on that device and sell here never go for those brands always go for reputed brands that are available on market and selling for over 5-Years in India and also check that brand should have service center in your city because if there is no service center of that brand in your city, then their warranty will be no use for you, never buy smartphone of a brand that is newly launched and have big visions because you never know that can be a scam also

Well, I hope you have liked this article. I have tried to clear all your doubts here, now keep these things in mind, and you will get an excellent smartphone for sure!