Will 5G Come In India? Should you buy 5G phones at the moment? What will be the pricing?

5G is a very trending topic these days in India everyone has the same question will 5G come in India if yes then when it will be launched and what will be the pricing, when 5G phones launch in India well in this article I will clear all your doubts regarding 5G, and you will get all the information about it in details to share this article with your family and friends as well so they also get to know full details regarding 5G

When will 5G launch in India?

Launching 5G in India is not going to be an easy task because in India the spectrum is controlled by the Indian government and the government will itself do the spectrum auction where all the telecom operators from India will be present but to buy that spectrum operators are required to be paid a nice amount of money to government but ongoing issue of AGR and increasing losses every financial year for all operators after jio coming into the market it will be a massive task for operators to bring 5G for there customers in India.

By when 5G can launch in India?

As per the latest reports, currently the progress for 5G work is in the hold as on march 2020, it will resume by the end of the year after that it can up to 2 Years for the full-fledged launch of 5G it means there is no chance of launch before 2022 at least.

The time it launches in India, what can be the pricing?

As per the system that was at the time of 3G and 4G launch the pricing would be same for 5G plans and 4G plans, and you will be able to choose on your 5G smartphone which you want to use from both of them if you choose to use 5G then it will start bring down your loading time and will increase your download and upload speed but also start consuming data rapidly for example if you use 4G, and your 1 GB data last for about 10 Hrs according to your usage then if you switch to 5G it will exhausting the 1 GB data in just 4 Hrs Hence, you have to opt for the 2 GB plan, and in the end, you will start paying double it up to you which you want to use.

Should I buy 5G phones at the moment?

Well if a 5G phone releases in India before the launch of 5G you should read out its specs and reviews is that phone is value for money or not if that phone is really good in its price range then you should think about it you should not buy it only looking that it is a 5G phone look it only as a regular smartphone with all the other smartphones in its segment.

Which can be the first operator to launch 5G in India?

As we can see the current situation of telecom market the 40% market if captured by Jio followed by Airtel and Vodafone idea, and if we see only the mobile numbers that get recharged on a monthly basis then more than 70% users will be Jio users, and Jio is the only operator whose financial reports are showing profits the profits are not much, but they are increasing every quarter as it’s backed by Reliance that means it has a big wallet as well so the time market will improve Government conduct the auction for spectrum the Jio will be the operator that will be ready to pay a significant amount followed by airtel as the current situation it does not looks like Vodafone idea will have any left in there bank balance to buy the spectrum, so I think if India gets 5G anytime in next 2 Years, Jio will be the operator.

After comprehensive research and surfing more than 50 articles and reports, we have written this article and tried to predict the 5G future in India hope we cleared all your doubts share this article with your family and friends, so they also get all the information related to upcoming 5G network Thanks.